Our Mission: To promote the legalization of  backyard chicken-keeping in cities around the country. We successfully changed a city ordinance here in Oregon's capital city, and we can help you do the same where you live! We want to share our knowledge and experiences and provide a central location dedicated to helping people change city ordinances. This site will serve as a place where you can find all the resources you need to start your own Chicken Revolution. 

How to get started:  If you need help changing your city's ordinance, click on the "Legal Stuff" page for help. There, you will find detailed Step-by-Step instructions on how to go about it.  You will also find a 60-page Research packet that can be modified for your particular situation and used to convince your city council.  It addresses every possible concern with facts, figures, and cited references.  If you are serious about changing the law - this is the way to get it done. 

The "Articles" page will arm you with media coverage about the urban chicken movement, that you can use to show your city officials this is big and not just something a couple of silly chicken people in your town are interested in.

What we don't do:  This is not a really a website for learning how to raise chickens, build a coop, choose a breed, etc., (although the "Resources" page will help you locate places both locally (PNW) and nationally that do, and you will also find a couple of how-to videos we made that will give you all the basic information. 
About Us:  We are ordinary people who strongly believe in the right to raise a few hens for pets and for eggs on private properties for which we pay taxes. We formed a group called Chickens In The Yard (CITY) and together we made a big impact on our local government. We even made the front page of The Wall Street Journal!  And read a follow-up story about our documentary in a Wall Street Journal Blog.  For more national and local coverage of our efforts, go to the Articles page and scroll down.  After a 2-year battle, we finally won and chickens are now legal in Salem!

Our Name(s):  When we set out to legalize chickens in Salem, OR we formed a group and named it Chickens In The Yard (CITY).  When we initially started this website that domain was taken, and we wanted locals to be able to find us easily, so we named it SalemChickens.com.  Later, after our success, we decided to help others with their efforts so we changed the website name to something on a more national level, calling it Chicken-Revolution.com.  So now we have three names. We apologize for any confusion.
Watch the "Outlaws" music video on YouTube, a 2-minute clip from The Chicken Revolution. If you think this is funny, you'll want to see the entire 75-minute award-winning, documentary film!
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Why Che Chicken?

When CITY was formed, we were just a group of people who thought it would be great to have a few hens in our yards like many of our parents, grandparents, and their families before them. Boy, were we surprised to discover that in Salem, Oregon you can legally own a 100-pound pet pig, or a vicious dog, but not a 3-pound hen!

We didn't plan to become revolutionaries, but after nearly a year of struggling to legalize backyard hens in Salem, that's where it stands. This is America - the land of the free. We should not be denied the pets of our choosing, on our own private property, for which we pay taxes. Other citizens in major cities around the country, and in Oregon have chicken-keeping ordinances. Why not us?

Our "Che Chicken" logo resembles a famous photograph of Che Guevara taken in 1960. While we do not condone his violent methods, we chose Che because he has become an international symbol for rebellion against injustices.

This image is meant to make you smile. A chicken wearing the beret of a revolutionary? There is tremendous irony in our use of this symbol. What could be more conservative than having a few chickens in your yard? Yet we have to battle for the same rights our parents and grandparents had as Americans - the right to a have few hens. No, that's not in the Constitution...but America was founded on the principals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...and chickens make us happy.

Viva la Urban Chicken Revolution!

"The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall."
                                                                                                                                                      . . . . Che Guevara
Chicken Revolution
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Because we all have the right to grow our own food!
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To apply for a chicken-keeping permit in Salem, Oregon  click here
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NOTE:  If you live on a Marion County island within Salem's urban growth boundary (see white areas on map) - then the city ordinance does NOT apply and chickens are still illegal.  If you're in that situation and want to help change that . . . contact marioncountychickens@yahoo.com and check out this FB page.